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Little Angel

One cold December day
My heart was broken
I never thought what
Happened would happen
When I awaken that day
It changed my life forever
And I knew it wouldn't
Be the same
Well here it
Is almost 4 years later
That you passed away
I don't know if
I can let you go
You are my little girl
My angel girl
Why did u take her?
Why didnt you take me?
Its so hard for me
To go on this way
I have always lost the ones
I've loved
Never knowing
Why it happened
But the day you went away
Was a day of heart ache
And pain
It was the hardest day
For me
Even though
I don't cry everyday
I still miss you everyday
Your little hands and feet
Never got to see
The color of your eyes
Didn't get to feed you
That's the one thing
That hurts the most
Besides holding you when you
Took your last breathe
Why did u take her?
Why didn't you take me?
It's so hard for me to go on this way
I have always lost the one's
I've loved
Never knowing
Why it happened
But the day you went away
Was a day of heart ache
And pain
It was the hardest day
For me
You should be here with me
I love you
I miss you
I want you here with me

In A Blink Of An Eye

The day I'll never
Want to live again
As long as I'm alive
For my heart was ripped out
Why oh Why
Lord did you take my angel's life
She was suppose to be with her family
But that day was the end for me
One day my angel died
That's the day I never
Want to live again
As long as I'm alive
For my heart was ripped out
Why oh Why
Lord why did
You take my angel's life
She was suppose to be with her family
But that day was the end for me
Because I'll no longer be the same
My heart aches everyday I'm alive
I think about her and I want to cry
I'm scared of losing my other 2 kids
And I wont allow myself to
Get closer to them
At the same time my heart aches
Because I feel that way
God please show me the way
So I no longer stray
Away from my other 2 kids
But it's just hard to be strong

Precious Child~
Dedicated to my little angel Kayla Marie
Almost 6 years has gone by
Since the day you left this earth
I love you dearly
My little precious child
I often set and wonder
What you would've been like
Like if you would've liked
Certain foods, toys, etc.
You were so innocent and my precious little girl

December 18th,2005
You would've been 6
You would have been
In school by now
What i wouldnt
Give to see your
Colorings and drawings
You have done
To see your beautiful
Little eyes shine
As they did
The day you had one
Of them opened
They were so shiny
Like an angel's
To see you with
Your little back pack
To be able to take'
You to school on your
First day
To stand with you
To wait for the bus
To watch my baby girl
Come home from school
All happy and running
Up to give mama
A big hug
Just like your
Brother and sister did
To help you with homework
And to see you in school plays
Just to see you throughout
Your school years
And on graduation day
Me and your daddy
Walk you up the aisle
To recieve your diploma
And from there
You may have went
To college and to see
You finish there
And to see your daddy
Walk you down the aisle
And give you away
On your wedding day
To look forward
To grandkids when
The time was right
To see you as beautiful
As the day you were born
Kayla most of all what
I wouldnt give to hold you
In my arms once more
I love you
My Baby Girl



Dedicated to my baby girl Kayla Marie

The day you left this world
You left an empty spot inside of me
I knew I'd never see you again
You left me and it hurt so bad
But I knew GOD carried you HOME
And I know your in a place where there's
And there I know your happy, but that doesn't
Stop the pain I feel inside everyday of my life
But I know I have to go on which isn't easy
But what I wouldn't give to see you one more time.

A Short Time

Dedicated to my Angel Kayla Marie

A short time it was
For you here on earth
But alot of heartache
And pain still remains
Here inside me
My heartaches as the day nears
Dec 18th you would have been 6
I wished to god you were still here
The day you passed away in my arms
You took a big chunk of my heart with you
And even though your gone
I havent forgotten about you
I know your in heaven with your papa Elie
And grandma Cothern
And with them there with you
I know their taking good care of you
But what i wouldnt give for one more
Day with you
I Love You Always
My Little Angel Kayla Marie


Baby Girl's Birthday

Dedicated to my Angel Kayla Marie

Today is your birthday
I light a candle in memory of you
As i set here writing this poem
Im thinking of you and how much i wish you were here
So we could celebrate it with you
And just to see my baby girl again
As the candle's burn slowly
And i set here remembering your birth
You're up their celebrating your birthday
With all the angel's in heaven
And i can't wait for the day
When i join you in heaven
And to have you run to me
And i can hold you once again
And tell you mommy loves you

Dedicated to my Angel Kayla Marie

Kayla your brother and sister misses you dearly
Mommy has explained to them
That your in Heaven and God
Has bigger plans for you
Their hearts break for you
Your brother cried and cried
The day you died
When Mommy and your Daddy
Left from the hospital that night
And came back home we explained
And comforted your brother and sister
And even though i was angry with God
For taking you
It took sometime to not feel
That anger toward him
Your one of his Angels now
Always stay sweet my Precious
Angel Kayla Marie
With Love Mommy,Joshua and Kimberly


Be With You

Dedicated to my Lil Angel Kayla Marie

Next year you would've been
In Kindergarden
You would've been in school plays
And I would've seen your work from school
Like when you colored a picture
Drawing and etc.
My baby girl would be growing up
But instead you left me for whatever
God's plan was for you
I know he is taking good care of you
But you dont know how much I wished
I was able to go back n time and change things
And you'd be here with me today
I miss things like when you
Got your first bump,scratch and bruise
And mommy would kiss it and tell you it
Would be all better now just to hold you
And hug you and to read you a bed time story
Just the little things that are big things to me
All i can do is imagine all what all that wouldve been like
Baby girl i miss you so much
My hearts a breaking in a million pieces right now
Cause im missing you dearly
I love you my Precious Angel Kayla Marie
And mommy will be with you again someday soon


Dedicated to my Lil Angel Kayla Marie

A sad and heart breaking day
Today on your birthday
I need you here to ease my pain
I need you here
So this hurt will go away
You had such a short time here
And what time i had with you
6 years ago to spend your
First Christmas with you
I still remember
People tell me move on
To let you go
But it's easier said than done
If i let you go
I'd feel like such a failure
To you
Always remember
Mommy loves you
With all my heart
And i will never forget you
Everyday i think of you
Not a moment goes by
That i dont
So until we can be
Together again
Plz remember Mommy
Loves you