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You're No Longer
Your no longer in pain
I have to get use to you
Being gone for it will be
A difficult road but i can do it
I love you Granny
And i know you have
Made it home by now
And looking down on me
You came to me in a dream
And told me it was ok
You had just come
To say goodbye
And when i woke up
I started to cry

Dedicated To My Grandmother Mary Lillian Spivey

At Peace

Granny i hope you know
That you are gonna be missed
You were the best
And it breaks my heart
That you are gone
But i know you are no longer suffering
You had fought to live to many times
And your body had tooken all
It could take you were in and out
Of the hospital even though i quit
Going to see you i still love you
And i just couldnt bare to go see you
Like that the day at the hospital
When i saw you it brought tears to my eyes
I asked if you were in pain you just stared at me
With tears coming out of your eyes
That day i left i vowed i wouldnt go back again
To see you suffering like you were
At the funeral home you looked so at peace
Although you're gone you will never be forgotten
Granny you will always hold a very special place in my heart