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I Miss You

Dedicated to my~ Grandmother Myrtis Cothern

Every time when I think of you
I look up and ask god Why
Did this have to happen
I love them and they were the best
They were always there for me
When I needed them most
It tore me up inside
When u took them from us
They were the most loving
And caring people you could ask for
Both would give the clothes off their backs
And then in anyway they could
I know when my day comes
I will see them again
And they will be 2 of the most
Beautiful angels in heaven
And when I meet them again
They will be standing at the
Pearly gates with arms wide open
Just as they did here on earth



The day you left this world
You left an empty spot inside of me.
I knew I'd never see you again.
You left me and it hurt so bad.
But I knew GOD carried you HOME.
And I know your in a place where there's
And there I know your happy, but that doesn't
Stop the pain I feel inside everyday of my life!
But I know I have to go on which isn't easy.
But what I wouldn't give to see you one more time.
My grandmother Myrtis Cothern