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Welcome to Kimberly Michelle's page. She was born August 24, 1996.She weighed 5lbs and 7 oz. When she was a week old we found out she had 2 holes in heart which luckily healed on it own so no surgery was needed when she got older but there were a lot of trips made to the heart specialist in Savannah Georgia. I love her with all my heart and she is growing up to be a big girl now. As you can see on the picture below of Kimberly I nick named her curly sue she looks like she has a perm but it is natural curls. Kimberly was my second born child after 2 miscarriages.

Kimberly Michelle

For Kimberly

I can still remember
The day you were born
With your jet black hair
And beautiful sparkling eyes
To watch you go to school
On your first day was hard
My little girl was growing up
Way to fast for me
I was so use to having you Home with me
Now your a big girl now
Even though your living With your dad
He takes good care of yall
He is a wonderful dad
And yall are lucky to have him
I just miss you so much
Every night before i go to
Sleep i pray to god to keep
You safe and to let you know
I love u so much

ęCindy Sheffield

Family Photo