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Make A Tombstone Memorial

I miss you so much and i wish you were here, how i wish on the morning u left us that u wouldnt have your kids and grandkids and me we miss u so much and we miss having that special mom,grandma and step mom here.When we need to talk to you about things thats bothering us or just to here u laugh what i wouldnt give to see you again.I know im just a step child to you but u were a mom to me not step mom but a mom u were there when i needed someone to talk to or someone to cut the fool with u were always there and always made us laugh when we were down u were the best there are no other words to describe u other than the best mom in the world.And i swear at times i feel ur presents with me, maybe u are there with me i dont know but if u are i know i have the best gaurdian angel watching over me.I love you matter what has happened or everything else i know u knew i loved u.