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Make A Tombstone Memorial

My Dad~Elie Merritt


This man above was the greatest he was my uncle and he raised me from a baby up to sixteen yrs old, he was my hero and the one i looked up to more than anything. He was the father figure in my life and my brothers, he was always there when we needed him no matter what he had such a kind heart like you wouldnt believe he would do anything for anyone, And that kindness took him from us that fifteenth day of August, when he went and volunteered to do something for some one else there was an accident and he lost his life instantly, although he didnt suffer it killed me inside, and there are times i will be setting round and thinking he is still alive then it suddenly dawns on me no he isnt alive it is hard and to know the holiday seasons he is not there with us to celebrate but i know he would want us to but this was one awesome guy above the best my uncle, my friend and proud to call him my dad. and dad we love you and miss you so very much. And i know you are there watching over Kayla Marie and im sure yall are having a great time there in heaven i wouldnt wont anyone else to watch over her but you, you are the best, So until that day when we can all be with you once again.Love you...Miss You