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Hurricane Katrina began as a very low pressure weather system, which strengthened to become a tropical storm and eventually a hurricane as it moved west and neared the Florida coast on the evening of 25 August.

After crossing southern Florida - where it left some 100,000 homes without power - it strengthened further before veering inland towards Louisiana, eventually making landfall at Grand Isle, approximately 90km south of New Orleans, at 10am local time on 29 August.

At this point, Katrina's sustained wind speed was approximately 200 km/h. The storm passed directly through New Orleans, destroying many lighter buildings and causing extensive damage to others.

Hurricane force winds were recorded along an 200km stretch of coastline, with scenes of similar destruction and flooding in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Storm surges from the sea caused flooding several kilometres inland in some places.

I truely believe that many people wouldnt have lost their lives in New Orleans if "President Bush" had evacuated everyone there including those in the nursing homes there they were helpless and lost their lives cause of others who didnt care enough to help them.And to be honest when it headed for Texas Bush was ready to evacuate which he shouldve done in New Orleans seeing how they were in a low lying area.Which evacuation in New Orleans should have been the top priority, i wont set here and write this and say i like him cuz really i dont but thats not the case. The thing is he is the President of the United States which he should have our best interest in hand.I really feel for the families who have lost family members from this and even those who had lost their homes,possessions,etc.We will always remember.