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Cindy Elaine

My dad was 21 and my mom was 16 when they met and eventually married. At 17 my mom gave birth to me. While mom and dad worked my grandmother (my mom's mom) kept me while they worked. My grandmother told me one time how she would be cooking and i'd be in the cabinets messing with the pot's and pan's and banging them together she said she would pick me up and say "Cindy that's a no-no. And then she would put me back down and again right back i went LOL. Then she eventually had to put a rubber-band from one knob to the next while i was there so i couldnt get into it. My grandmother remarried again after her and my mom's dad seperated. She had my Uncle D.L. Cothern, Aunt Ruby Deal, Uncle Patrick Cothern and Uncle Tony Cothern. My mom and dad moved into a house here in Douglas eventually.I was a year old and Dewayne was close to a year old. One day my mom went out to the clothesline to hang out some clothes, she said i had opened the door and let Dewayne out and as she started back round the house she saw me push my brother Dewayne off the porch walker and all.. LOL I KNOW IM EVIL.

Then my cousin his nickname is Pee Wee, use to come over and he had a bad habit of spitting chewing tobacco in the floor this is the wad of tobacco now ....well my dad would come home and find it and he would cuss Pee Wee out about it, well at the same time my mom was potty training me and well dad come home from work that day and saw something in the floor he bent down to pick it up and yelled Pee Wee what did i tell you...then he stopped talking mom said for a few minutes then she heard him say Crap!!...Well that's exactly what it was LMAO.. mom said it had fell out of my training panties she guessed or i had just shit in the floor one. My dad was a logger and after work he would stay out late alot of the time, well one night my mom got a friend to come and pick us up and carried us to the bar where mom saw his truck ... well don't know how true it is but i was told Dewayne was left in the truck by himself my mom had done it and took me with her, well dad comes out later to find Dewayne in the truck. Soon after that they divorced and dad wanted custody of me and Dewayne. Well mom agreed to it as long as he agreed not give us up to his sister and her husband well he did after all. My Aunt Irvine and Uncle Elie raised me and Dewayne i was 2 and wayne was 1 at the time.

My Aunt and Uncle had a daughter named Judy we was raised with her she is my sister i dont call her my cousin, Judy is one hell of a sis she would do anything for me and Dewayne and she has done alot for us to. Judy has 2 kids Katie Grace Francis is 16 and jared Elie Francis is 14.They are my neice and nephew.I love them to death. My Aunt and Uncle was our mother and father figure in our life they showed us love, caring and to be honest we were taught right from wrong they were just awesome parents i love them dearly. We were blessed to have such wonderful parents who loved and cared for us the way they did, if my dad had of kept us me and my brother would've had nothing.I soon met a guy name Dave Sheffield we dated about 2 month's yes i know lol it was too soon but on my 16th b-day we got married. At 17 i gave birth to our son Alex Joshua Sheffield he was born July 14th,1991 he weighed 7lbs. 8 oz. and 21 1/2 inches long. Then i had a miscarriage and then another after the last miscarriage when they were doing the D.N.C. Dr. Lin found a Cyst on my ovaries and removed it, it wasn't cancer thank God. But then 4 yrs later i had Kimberly Michelle Sheffield she was born August 24th,1996 she weighed 5lbs. 7oz. and 19 inches long.

At a weeks check up had 2 holes in her heart, we were back and forth to Savannah with her at the heart specialist there. We had to carry her to him up till she was 3 years old and then it had healed itself. And 4 years later i gave birth to our 3rd child Kayla Marie Sheffield she was born December 18th,1999 she weighed 5lbs 8 oz. and 18 inches long i believe. She was born with one lung and the other one hadn't fully developed yet i had a temp of 102.5 and she had one 99.5 i didn't get to hold her cause she couldn't hardly breath so they wanted to get her in the oxygen tent thing they put them in. She never cried once for me to hear, i was so tired and sick i just passed out again. She had to be transferred she was sick but not deadly sick until the paramedics from Savannah came after her and they punctured her other lung which was the good one and she had quit breathing twice before they got her stable enough to take to Augusta they messed my baby up so bad it wasn't even funny. She passed away December 28th,1999 in my arms she took her last breath it killed me, apart of me died with her that night.

I was married to their dad for 12 years before we divorced, i knew at 18 i was attracted to women but never did anything bout it cause i was scared my family would disown me, and yes i know i kept having kids but let me tell you my kids are my life and i don't regret having them at all i love them with all my heart and soul and if someone hurt them i'd kill'em. But at age 27 i finally left him and i was tired of living a lie and being unhappy in a marriage i didn't wanna be in to stat with.The kids stayed with him cause they didn't wanna leave him it killed me but at the same time they are better off with him anyways i have no means of support for them but when i have the money dave gets it for them he didn't ask for any child support from me in the divorce. My mom had eventually remarried to a guy name Raymond Harrell she had 3 kids for him, Half-brother Stevie Ray Harrell, Half-sis Alicia Dawn Harrell and Katrina Lynn Gomez Stevie has no kids yet, Katrina has 3 girls Maria 5,Alexandria 7 and Jasmine is 9,Alicia has 2 Brian is 1 and Adrianna is 6, i love them with...... all my heart.

My life has had it's sad August 15th,1995 my Uncle Elie was killed on the job he was 63,he was loading a truck and the strange thing is the truck was backed down a cement slope they are trying to say the fork lift pushed the Semi up far enough for him to fall off the forklift and the forklift fell on him crushing him and killed him instantly...but ain't no forklift going push a semi up a hill sorry. And then my Grandmother Cothern passed away May 28th,1998 from a Massive Heart Attack she was 62.Both of them meant the world to me and still does they will be forever remembered in my heart. And December 28th,1999 my little angel Kayla Marie died she was 10 days old it's been almost 6 years and it is still like that day it happened for me.But i have decided to change my life and to be with the one person whom my heart truely belongs to, the one that makes me laugh, who is there for me when i need her, she is my best friend and i love her with all my heart and soul.The second picture is of me,my gf and our kids at easter last year.