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Me and My 16 year old son Joshua

Welcome to Alex Joshua's page he was born July 14, 1991. He weighed 7lbs and 8 oz. He was a healthy baby boy who is growing up to be a young man now. He is my heart and I love him more than anything. He was my first born.

Alex Joshua

For Joshua

You were my first born
The day you were born
Is still so vivid to me
My handsome baby boy
With blonde hair and blue eyes
You looked just like your dad
When he was a baby
The day you went to school
For the first time
It was hard for me that day
Having to leave you their
And you crying "mama don't leave me"
Broke my heart and made me cry
But now your 14 and a big boy
My how you have grown
Up so fast doesn't
Seem like it's been that long
I remember the day
You come home from school
You ran up to me and
Ask me not to leave you again
And gave me a big hug
Then on into your
School year you
Started playing baseball
And made All-star that year
I was so proud of you
And now knowing my handsome
Baby boy is now a young man
I want you to know also that
I miss you dearly
And that I love you and your sisters
Just as much as I did
The day you were born

ęCindy Sheffield